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Does Health Insurance Cost More after a Medical Malpractice Settlement?

Learn if Your Health Insurance Costs could Go Up After Filing a Medical Malpractice Claim Health insurance has undergone several critical changes over the past several years. The insurance industry has had to place certain caps on medical malpractice coverage because of several large and excessive medical malpractice insurance pay outs. There are restrictions (more […]

Why Do All Healthcare Professionals Need Their Own Liability Insurance?

Health care professionals need liability insurance to protect themselves if they get sued for malpractice. A high percentage of doctors are sued at least once in their career, though most are never found liable for malpractice. That’s a fact of live in our society where lawsuits are the way many people seek to correct a […]

Medical Malpractice Cases, How Long does it Take to Settle a Malpractice Lawsuit?

  Medical malpractice lawsuits can be a lengthy process. The more complex the case is, the longer it will take. Here’s an overview of the process and how long each phase might be. In this malpractice guide article we will outline what is involved in a malpractice lawsuit as well as how long it may […]

Medication Error Liability, Is the Doctor Responsible for Prescription Errors?

Medication errors are a significant cause of illness and death today. The cause might be a doctor’s error in prescribing the wrong medication or the wrong amount of the right medication, a mistake made at the pharmacy or the result of a nurse or caregiver misunderstanding the dosing directions. In this malpractice guide article, we […]

Surgical Error Malpractice, When To Call a Malpractice Attorney for Guidance

Errors before, during and after surgery account for a large percentage of successful medical malpractice lawsuits. Known as surgical error malpractice, the effects of it can be devastating to a patient…and even deadly. The most common instances of surgical medical malpractice are errors in anesthesia resulting in disability or death, objects left in during surgery […]

Wrongful Death Malpractice, 5 Things to Know About Wrongful Death Cases

In severe cases of dental or medical malpractice, death can occur, making it a wrongful death case. If a family member of yours was the victim of malpractice resulting in death, you want answers. You want to know what happened and what you can do about it, such as file a malpractice lawsuit. In this […]