Do I Have a Lawsuit If The Anesthesia Equipment Malfunctions?

Problems with anesthesia are one of the largest causes for malpractice lawsuits, and many of them are successful. If anesthesia equipment malfunctions you should certainly consider a lawsuit.

This Malpractice Guide guide will help you decide whether or not to speak to malpractice lawyers about your case.

Types of Anesthesia Equipment Malfunction

Epidurals are a very common type of anesthesia equipment. The epidural is placed into the area immediately adjoining your spine without entering too far. How far it goes in is the responsibility of the anesthesiologists, and mistakes with epidural placement often end in injury and a lawsuit.

Once the epidural is properly positioned, the administration of anesthesia is programmed into a machine. If the epidural itself or the machine running it fails, this can definitely be the basis for a lawsuit. While epidurals are a common source of malfunctions, any type of anesthesia equipment can be prone to problems including masks and cylinders used in a dental or oral surgery office – this may be a case for a dental malpractice lawsuit.

The equipment might be used in pre-operative preparation, the operating room or the recovery room. It might be used in a standard hospital room or in a dental facility. Anywhere that anesthesia is used, you’ll find equipment that might be subject to failure.

The Misuse of Anesthesia Equipment

What can appear to be a malfunction of the equipment might actually be misuse of the equipment by an anesthesiologist or a nurse. An experienced medical malpractice attorney will be able to discover what really happened and who is responsible for the problem.

Do you Have a Lawsuit for Failed Anesthesiology Equipment?

You will have to demonstrate negligence. But you will also have to demonstrate that you were harmed by the negligence, and that can be more difficult. Did you experience permanent or significant injury?  Medical malpractice involving anesthesia can lead to paralysis, long-term headaches and even death.

Did you experience trauma as a result of the failure? For example, did you experience intense pain during surgery or a medical procedure but were not able to communicate that fact?

To win a malpractice lawsuit for failed or misused anesthesiology equipment, it will have to be shown that you were harmed.

How a Malpractice Lawyer Can Help

Talk about your case with malpractice lawyers. Show them your medical records. If they believe you have a case, and they file a lawsuit, they can take additional steps to prove your case. A medical malpractice attorney will depose the medical personnel involved. He or she will get hospital records too. The malpractice lawyer may hire an expert to review the facts and determine where mistakes were made.

Every year, more than 40,000 patients are injured by anesthesiology mistakes and equipment failures and medical professionals must carry malpractice insurance in case there is an issue. If you are one of those effected, you should consult an experienced medical malpractice attorney to learn about your lawsuit options.